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Kitchen Orchestra Christmas Concert 2020

Premiering new music, September 11th 2020 @ Bjergsted, Stavanger

You are the Only One by Asgeir Aarøen

Passion of Eternity by Asgeir Aarøen

Film recording, Asgeir Aarøen and friends. June 12th 2020

Photo: Lars

Film Session @ Stavanger Aftenblad Tuesday 7th April.

Foto and credits: Elin Kleppa Michalsen
Recording with Hanne Vasshus – vocal @ Tou Lyd.
Performed by
Elin Kleppa Michalsen: Viola
Olav Stener Olsen: Cello
Jens Borge: Double bass
John Lilja: Guitar
Hanne Vasshus: Vocals
Hear the result here: No 4

Foto & credits: Tord Paulsen, Holt & Paulsen

Foto & credits: Tord Paulsen, Holt & Paulsen

Foto & credits: Tord Paulsen, Holt & Paulsen

Den reisende celloen @ Den Kulturelle Skolesekken Stavanger.

Ka då for? @ Sandnes Kulturhus, August 2018.

Bryllupskameratene @Kitchn Kvadrat January 2020

Photo and credits: Line Owren Fotografi, #lineowrenfotografi

Photo and credits: Line Owren Fotografi, #lineowrenfotografi

Excerpt from Berio: Sequenza no. XIV. Performed by Olav Stener Olsen

Kitchen Orchestra Christmas Concert @ Folken, Stavanger, December 7th 2019

Photo and credits: Karina Gytre

Duo with Emma Noor, vocal
@Christmas breakfast, Clarion Hotel Stavanger
Photo and credits: Inger Løvslett

Video with music composed by Asgeir Aarøen, dedicated to John Wetton. Recorded and filmed in Sokndal spring 2019.

Asgeir Aarøen, composition, guitars and shakers. Diána Emese Gál, harp
Eddie Andresen, pots. Magnus Rød Haugland, double bass. Olav Stener Olsen, cello. Mani Aminzadeh, flute. Inge Engelen, keyboards, mix and mastering. Raimond Mydland, film. Carl Phillip Mydland, drone.

Den reisende celloen on tour November 2019

Kitchen Orchestra performs at Fuglefestivalen @Ogna Scene. Olav plays Berios Sequenza nr. XIV for solo cello, and a new composition (Chirp&Drift) by Kathy Hinde with Kitchen Orchestra and the composer.

Hammerfest September 2019

Photo: Gerd Hagen

Hammerfest September 2019

Photo: Gerd Hagen

Hammerfest September 2019

Photo: Gerd Hagen

Hammerfest September 2019

Photo: Gerd Hagen

Hanne Vasshus with ensemble, September 5th 2019 @Utstein

Klimabrølet, Stavanger City, August 30th 2019

Photo and credits: Marie Elisabeth Von Krogh

Rune Mandelid and his band, performing live @Tou Scene in Stavanger May 2019.

Picture from video session, June 27th 2019, with composer and guitarist Asgeir Aarøen and flutist Mani Aminzadeh @ Sogndalstrand. Photo credits: Raimond Mydland.

Photo credits: Raimond Mydland @ Sogndalsstrand. June 27th 2019.

Photo credits: Mani Aminzadeh @ Sogndalsstrand. June 27th 2019.

Photo credits: @lineowrenfotografi

Olav is ready for the Weddingshower (Bryllupsmesse) Sunday 31st March 1-4 pm. @Clarion Hotel Air, Sola Olav will present the cello and his music for potential wedding celebrations, including during the ceremony and at festivities before or after the event.
Video from Wedding Shower:

Read interview with Olav at Månedens Brillante March 2019

16th of March noon Olav participate with his cello at

16th-17th of February Olav and colleagues organize a seminar with pupils at Stavanger kulturskole together with Gjertruds Sigøynerorkester. All the orchestras of Stavanger kulturskole participates. The seminar ends with a big concert in Stavanger konserthus Fartein Valen, where all the pupils, teachers and Gjertruds Sigøynerorkester perform!

Gjertruds Sigøynerorkester og kulturskolens orkestre

Listen Olav performs Den reisende celloen @ Sølvberget Sunday 17th of March 14.00

Info about the performance @ Sølvberget, Stavanger city

Operagalla in Stavanger konserthus 8th-9th of February, and 10th of February in Sandnes kulturhus. The picture shows Roma sinfonietta, local musicians, chior and prof. Elizabeth Norberg-Schulz (opening speach).

Olav played 20 school concerts JANUARY 2019, with the solo-performance Den reisende celloen, organized by Den Kulturelle Skolesekken Stavanger

«I’m Nobody! Who are you?»
Project with Janne Gravdal Tjåland & Olav Stener Olsen
text by Emily Dickinson

Kitchen Orchestra
Julekonsert December 15th @ Folken Stavanger

Christmas Concerts in Rogaland

Kitchen Orchestra plays with Per Zanussi, Sunday November 25th @ Tou Scene Stavanger

Cello solo @ MindUp, Oransjeriet Stavanger

28th October 2018 19:00 @ Tou Scene
Kitchen Orchestra & Marilyn Crispell

Playing solo Bach and Berio at Litteraturkafé on «Kappitel» – Festival for litterature in Stavanger. September 20th-22nd 2018 @Fuglesalen, Stavanger Museum.
Representing Stavanger Kammermusikkfestival

Foto: Bärbel Stampe Nielsen

Picture from concert 9th September 2018 with Kitchen Orchestra & Eve Risser (pianist and composer of the music)

Kitchen Orchestra Concert @ Stavanger Konserthus Sunday 9th September 20:00!

Picture from rehearsal with Kitchen Orchestra and Eve Risser.

Performances of «Ka då for?» in Sandnes Kulturhus Liten sal!
Photo: Peter Adamik

Teaser from Stavanger Chamber Music Festival:

Fantastic days @ Summer Music School, østre Bolærne

Tall Ships Festival in Stavanger city July 28th 2018

Residence Week of the production for children, «Ka då for?»
@Sandnes Kulturhus 19th June 2018

@Kunsthall Stavanger 15th June 2018

Picture after the concert in Tønsberg, June 3rd 2018

Listen radio show from the concert on NRK P2!

During the presenation of romantic russian music, Goedele and Olav showed picture of paintings of the composers by Ilya Repin.



From concert in Oslo, May 31st 2018

«RAS i samarbeid med Kammermusikkfestivalen arrangerer Familieforestillingen “Ka då for?”
Forestillingen gir barn mulighet til å oppleve klassisk musikk på en interaktiv og annerledes måte som spiller på deres premisser.»
Marianne Hatleskog fiolin
Olav Stener Olsen cello
Hanna Våge Skjeggestad dans
lngrid Hatleskog dans

Rune Mandelid Orchestra concert @ herr Nilsen, Oslo April 2018

Rune Mandelid Orchestra concert @ Martinique Stavanger, April 2018

Den reisende celloen in Stavanger (March 2018) organized by Den Kulturelle Skolesekken Stavanger

Operagalla Stavanger Konserthus & Sandnes Kulturhus February 23rd, 25th & 26th

Read more here

Sold out concert in Sola Ruinkirke Saturday December 2nd!
Concert with Marit Risnes – soprano, Gjermund Titlestad – guitar, Goedele Taveirne – piano and Olav Stener Olsen – cello.

Great success with Kitchen Orchestra and Anthony Pateras in Stavanger and Oslo.

Kitchen Komponist: Concert in Stavanger Konserthus Zetlitz October 22nd 20:00

Read more here.(8.10.2017)

This weeks Olav present the sound installation Vannstand, by Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje, in Stavanger Konserthus.

Testing sounds together with Moddi, for the project Den reisende celloen

Olav will again present the sound installation, Vannstand, by Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje in Stavanger Konserthus (26th Sept-6th Oct 2017). School pupils from primary and secondary schools in Stavanger will learn about different water levels in the harbor outside the concert hall – and how the composer transformed this topic into contemporary music.

Read more about the installation here.

Schools in Stavanger can now apply for the DKS production called Den reisende celloen, performed by Olav on solo cello.
Olav will play the music for solo cello by Luciano Berio (Sequenza no XIV) and introduce the children to this sounds – inspired by the drum from Sri Lanka, called Kandyan.

Read more about the production here.

Done with Operafestuker in Kristiansund. Olav participated in 13 opera performances (Pearlfishers and La Bohème), played with the String Quartet on the Operacafé and presented the Cello Class at the Young Talent Concert in the Opera.
From one of the performances of the Pearlfishers.
Photo by Per Kristian Leikanger.

Olav moved to Kristiansund for to work as a cellist in the opera.
Read more about the program here: Operaen i Kristiansund

From the last days presentation of Vannstand, by Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje, in Stavanger konserthus. Inspiring kids listening and watching presentation of the production of Vannstand!

Little teaser from a rehearsal with Janne Gravdal Tjåland.
Come and listen to the concert, with Music by Janne, and text by Emily Dickinson. St.Petri-kjelleren 4th November 20:00. Watch the teaser, press here: trim-fc00c915-549b-4026-9c9f-2806ce402ecd

Everything seems to be ready for presenting «Vannstand» by Maja Ratkje
@ Stavanger Konserthus the next days.

Lesson with Rohan de Saram in London, autumn 2016, as a part of Olavs Master Project at UiS – Berio Sequenza no XIV, especially written for Rohan de Saram


Kitchen Orchestra had a project together with the icelandic guitarist, Hilmar Jensson.
Picture from the concert @ Tou Scene Maskinhallen.



Pictures from the project «Lyden av vann – Obstfelder 150 year»

(posted 17th September 2016)