Olav played solo at Statsraad Lhemkuhl, Tall Ships Race, summer 2018:

Listen to Olav performing Quo Vadis for solo cello, composed by Øystein Figenschou:

Anthony Pateras: Decay of Logic [for RD] (2017) for 10 musicians (excerpt)
Performed by Kitchen Orchestra:
Gro Austgulen: violin
Ståle Birkeland: drums
Johan Egdetveit: accordion
Petter Frost Fadnes: alto saxophone
John Lilja: contrabass
Olav Stener Olsen: cello
Dag Magnus Narvesen: drums
Dag Egil Njaa: computer/diffusion
Gunhild Seim: trumpet
Anthony Pateras: Korg minilogue

Photo Peter Adamik

Photo Peter Adamik

Photo at Norges Musikkhøgskole
Pofilbilde 10

Photo Peter Adamik
Profilbilde 10